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Bӧme was established in 1996 as a manufacturer of thermostatic components such as industrial valves, shower valves, shower bath mixers, all with a replaceable cartridge system and safe hot water delivery.

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Thanks to the painstaking attention dedicated to the manufacturing stage, our products have gained great reliability year after year, making Böme known worldwide as a partner of major industrial groups.

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Household products

Anti-scald device, thermostatic mixer for exposed shower, thermostatic mixer for under the basin, mini sequential control thermostatic basin mixer, mini thermostatic mixer for under the basin.

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Industrial products

Under sink thermostatic mixing valve, inline pressure limiting valve, thermostatic mixing valve for point of use with copper compression connections, thermostatic mixing valve for centralised systems.

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Solar systems

Diverter valve for solar systems, solar-boiler interface unit, thermostatic mixing valve for solar systems, frost protection valve for solar systems.

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Biomass, anti-dewing

Anti-condensation valve, used to protect the boiler from any return temperatures that are too low. It can be used as a diverter valve.

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From brass
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a full cycle.

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Böme mixing valves:
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